Week 16 of pregnancy: Mother and Babies development and changes


15 cm

Baby’s Growth: Reaching Avocado Size

At this stage of your pregnancy, your baby is approximately the size of an avocado. Remarkable developments have taken place as all their limbs and joints are now fully formed. You may even notice your baby beginning to suck their thumb, showcasing their emerging abilities.

Physical Development: Muscle Exercises and Sensory Perception

Your baby now measures around 15cm in length. They have the remarkable ability to move their head from side to side, exercising all 40 sets of muscles. Additionally, fingernails and toenails have formed, adding a tiny yet significant detail to their growing hands and feet. Although their eyelids remain closed, they can sense light from the outside world, indicating the gradual development of their sensory perception.

Pregnancy Cravings: Understanding the Urge

Around this time, many expectant mothers report experiencing pregnancy cravings. These cravings can range from hot, spicy curries to ripe, juicy peaches or even peculiar items like marmite due to its yeast content. While most cravings can be indulged in moderation while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, some women may experience ‘pica,’ a craving for non-food items such as plaster, paint chips, clay, coal, washing powder, or chalk. If you find yourself experiencing non-food cravings, it’s essential to discuss them with your doctor to ensure the safety of you and your baby.

Managing Pregnancy Symptoms: Addressing Dry Eyes

Pregnancy hormones can sometimes lead to dry and itchy eyes. Your doctor may recommend suitable eye drops to alleviate discomfort. If you wear contact lenses, you may find it more comfortable to switch back to wearing glasses during this time.

Seeking Support and Advice

Navigating the various changes and experiences during pregnancy can raise questions and concerns, especially if it’s your first time or even if you’ve been through it before. Our dedicated Careline team is available to provide advice and support for any inquiries you may have. Feel free to reach out to them between 9 am and 6 pm, Saturday to Thursday, for personalized assistance and guidance.


Changes Description
Baby’s Growth Baby now about the size of an avocado. – Limbs and joints fully formed, may suck thumb.
Physical Development Baby measures around 15cm. – Can move head from side to side, exercising all 40 sets of muscles. – Fingernails and toenails formed. – Eyelids closed but can sense light.
Pregnancy Cravings Many experience cravings ranging from spicy curries to juicy peaches. – Some may have non-food cravings (pica), requiring caution and discussion with a doctor.
Managing Pregnancy Symptoms Dry and itchy eyes due to hormonal changes may require eye drops. – Consider switching from contact lenses to glasses for comfort.

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