Week 38


49 - 50 cm

Your baby is now almost fully developed and you might start noticing the early signs of labour. Make sure you rest whenever you can and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for labour.

At around 49 or 50cm long and weighing roughly 6lb 6oz, your baby is now fully developed and will be spending these last few weeks building up their fat reserves ready for birth. They’re also now able to hear you reasonably well. Talking and singing to them will help them to become familiar with your voice; they’ll be able to recognise it and be soothed by your tone once they’re born.

At this stage, you might notice a ‘show’ – which is when the plug of mucus that’s sealing your womb comes away, which is a sign that your body is getting ready for labour. It doesn’t mean labour will happen immediately, but it’s a sign it will happen soon.

If getting a good night’s sleep feels like a thing of the past, taking regular naps or simply putting your feet up during the day will help you to catch up on some much needed rest.

As the birth of your baby approaches, it’s natural to feel worried or apprehensive about labour. Talking to your birth partner about your fears and going through your birth plan together can help remind you that everything is in order. For answers to those last minute questions or to hear from someone who’s been through labour themselves, why not call our Careline? We’re here to help from 9am to 6am Saturday to Thursday on 009647723342222 (Other countries).

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If you already have a young family to look after, getting them involved and excited about the birth now can help to manage any feelings of jealousy which might naturally arise when their new sibling is born. And don’t forget to buy them a present on behalf of their new little brother or sister!