Week 11


4 cm

Your baby is now as big as a lemon, and starting to look more human. You might even notice a hint of a bump. Your hormones will probably be raging so make sure you take it easy and get plenty of rest and the right nutrition. Read on to find out how your baby is developing at this stage.

Measuring roughly 4cm, your baby is still small, but a rapid phase of development is approaching which will see them grow as much in the coming week as they have done in the previous eleven. Although their brain, lungs, liver and kidneys have formed, all of their internal systems will still keep developing in preparation for birth. They can suck, swallow, yawn, urinate and even ‘breathe’ amniotic fluid. Movement is now much more fluid and your baby can even kick, although you won’t feel anything until at least 16 weeks. Newly separated fingers mean they will soon be able to open and close their fists and grasp things in the womb.

Vitamins are important for health and development – the most important is folic acid and you’re advised to take 400mcg a day right up to 12 weeks. Pregnant women are also advised to take 10mcg of vitamin D per day. It’s important for bone and teeth formation yet it is only found at low levels in few foods and sunlight.

However, some vitamins, such as vitamin A, can be harmful to your baby so always check with your doctor before taking any supplements during pregnancy. Even if you were taking a multi-vitamin supplement before you became pregnant, make sure you check its suitability with your doctor if you wish to continue taking it.

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