Week 35


45 cm

Your baby is taking up more space inside you by the day. Despite the tiredness you feel, you’re probably in full nesting mode now. Find out more below about the changes in your body and how you can handle your emotional wellbeing this week.

Your baby can now respond to light, sound and pain; they can blink to filter out light if they want to, and they may even be able to notice a light if it’s shone onto your bump. The bigger your baby grows – and by now they’re filling almost all of the space – the less amniotic fluid is in your womb. As they prepare for birth, your baby’s intestine is filling with meconium – a greenish substance made from waste from the liver and bowel. This will form the first stool they pass once they’re born.

Your placenta has reached maturity; did you know that at birth, the placenta will weigh roughly one sixth of your baby’s weight?

You may be feeling tired and heavy now, as well as irritated as the mood swings you experienced earlier during your pregnancy return. As your mind gears up for the mental changes your new baby will bring, you may find yourself having more vivid dreams. If you have any worries or concerns, share them with your partner or friends, or find something fun and relaxing to do to take your mind off things. Of course, our Careline team will gladly listen if you want to talk – just call us on 009647723342222 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Saturday to Thursday.

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At this stage your breasts may be leaking colostrum – the creamy, thick liquid you’ll begin to produce soon after the birth. It’s extremely rich in nutrients for your new baby. If it’s causing you any embarrassment, try adding breastfeeding pads to your bra which will absorb any excess leaks.