Week 06


8 mm

At Week 6 your baby’s vital organs are beginning to form and you may start to feel some of the early symptoms of pregnancy. Find out what’s going on in your baby’s development, as well as what you can expect to feel this week.

Although still a tiny 8mm long, your baby has doubled in size since last week. Their heart is now beating at 110–160 beats per minute, allowing blood to circulate around their body. The buds of their arms and legs are developing and brain tissue is now sending out brain waves. Their eyes have already started to darken with pigment as they take shape.

During early pregnancy, you’re advised to take supplements of folic acid to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida. If you find out you’re pregnant and haven’t been taking folic acid supplements, don’t worry; simply start taking them straight away and carry on until you reach 12 weeks. It is recommended that you take 400mcg per day.

Pregnancy hormones are now building up which can lead to nausea. Eating little and often helps; many mums say a dry cracker in the morning before you get out of bed can help. Most importantly, try to stick to a healthy diet.

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