Week 20 of pregnancy: Mother and Babies development and changes


22 cm

Halfway Milestone: Celebrating Pregnancy Progress

Congratulations on reaching the halfway point of your pregnancy! Your baby is now stretching and flexing, growing bigger and stronger with each passing day. Let’s explore what this significant milestone entails.

Baby’s Development: Heightened Awareness and Protection

At approximately 22cm in length, your baby’s awareness is increasing as their brain continues to develop, particularly the part responsible for controlling their senses. The heartbeat is now strong and easily detectable, indicating healthy growth. Additionally, the skin is secreting vernix, a thick white mucus serving as a protective waterproof barrier in the womb.

Anticipating the 20-Week Scan: Ensuring Normal Development

You’re scheduled for the 20-week anomaly scan, a crucial examination to ensure your baby’s development is on track. This scan provides a comprehensive assessment of your baby’s physical growth and checks for any abnormalities. It’s also an exciting opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of your growing baby and share the joy with your partner or friend.

Understanding the Scan Process: Exploring Baby’s Details

During the 15-20 minute scan, the sonographer meticulously examines your baby’s growth and development, including the position of the placenta. You may even get to see your baby on the screen and learn details such as their heartbeat and growing limbs. While not all hospitals disclose the baby’s sex during this scan, you can always inquire if you wish to know.

Managing Leg Cramps: Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Leg cramps are a common discomfort during the second and third trimesters. These cramps may result from the extra weight you’re carrying, calcium or salt deficiency, dehydration, prolonged inactivity, or pressure on nerves due to your growing bump. If you experience concerns about leg cramps, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor for guidance and support.

Seeking Support and Information

If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy journey, our Careline team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out between 9 am and 6 pm, Saturday to Thursday, for personalized advice and support tailored to your needs.


Changes Description
Baby’s Development Increased awareness as brain senses control develop. – Strong heartbeat signifies healthy growth. – Secretion of vernix protects baby’s skin in the womb.
Anticipating 20-Week Scan Scheduled anomaly scan ensures normal baby development. – Provides comprehensive assessment of physical growth and checks for abnormalities. – Opportunity to see baby and share excitement with partner or friend.
Scan Process Details Sonographer examines baby’s growth and placenta position. – Chance to view baby on screen and learn details like heartbeat and limbs. – Sex disclosure may vary; inquire if desired.
Managing Leg Cramps Leg cramps common in second and third trimesters. – May result from weight gain, nutrient deficiency, dehydration, or pressure on nerves. – Consult doctor for guidance if concerns arise.


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