Tiredness and fatigue in pregnancy

Tiredness and fatigue in pregnancy

Do you find yourself tired all the time? Fatigue is a common symptom during pregnancy, but here are a few tips to boost your energy levels and fight fatigue.

As well as carrying around the extra weight, your hormone levels are changing and your body is busy sending extra blood and nutrients to your baby. It’s no wonder you feel tired! Although your energy levels may peak and dip at different stages in your pregnancy, towards the end most mums tend to feel the strain. Read our tips on ways to boost your energy levels and fight fatigue.

Finding time to relax now will help you cope with the tiredness you’ll feel as your due date draws nearer. Emotional stress is just as likely to sap your energy as physical exertion, so resting your mind is as important as resting your body. As well as taking time out, you can also help to increase your energy levels by sticking to a healthy diet.

A few things you can do to increase your energy levels:

  • Rest. 20 minutes with your feet up in the morning or a siesta in the afternoon will help to recharge your batteries
  • Literally ‘putting your feet up’ – lying so that they’re level with your heart – can ease fluid retention and improve the blood flow around your body
  • Stick to a balanced diet full of vitamin and nutrient-rich fruit and veg to boost your immune system
  • Iron-rich foods, such as red meat, broccoli or green leafy veg can boost your energy levels
  • Avoid sugary snacks – although they’ll give you an instant boost, you’ll crash soon after and feel even more tired
  • Eat little and often to avoid low blood sugar levels
  • Allow friends and loved ones to help
  • Treat yourself to an hour with a good book, some online shopping or a film – spend time doing whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed.

For more tips and advice on coping with fatigue during pregnancy, contact our Careline team.