Why should I visit the hospital before birth?

Why should I visit the hospital before birth?

It’s important to schedule a hospital tour as part of preparing for your baby’s birth. You will get to know what to expect once you get there on the big day. Find out more below about what information you can gather from the tour.

Taking a trip to the hospital maternity ward before your due date can help you feel more reassured about the birth. You’ll be able to time your journey there and get your bearings so you know where and when to go to on your big day. It will also give you a better idea of what to expect and what happens when you arrive.

Visits are sometimes arranged alongside an antenatal class but if you miss out, talk to your doctor about organising a tour.

And while you’re thinking about going to the maternity ward, it might be worth checking your hospital bag one last time. You could also practice putting the car seat in and taking it out again, so you can carry your baby inside from the car easily.

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