Zinc has a big role to play in body development and functioning, for both you and your baby. Find out

As the big day comes close, you’re bound to have anxieties about giving birth. You’ve probably heard stories from other

One of the most important things you can do for your baby is to take a daily supplement of folic

During pregnancy, there’s no substitute for a healthy balanced diet. But it’s a good idea to supplement it with essential

Vitamin A is essential for a healthy pregnancy, but too much of it can be harmful to your baby. Find

Iron is essential for you and your baby and you should double your intake of this vital nutrient during pregnancy.

Your growing baby derives Vitamin D exclusively from you so you need to make sure you’re consuming enough calcium and

An essential nutrient for blood clotting, vitamin K occurs naturally in many foods so your baby will get a certain

Are you wondering what to expect when you go into labour? Every delivery is different but each one also follows

It’s important to schedule a hospital tour as part of preparing for your baby’s birth. You will get to know

When you’re in labour, you could be experiencing a mix of emotions – anxiety, relief, excitement, frustration. Perhaps, even all

It’s time to start preparing for your delivery. One of the most important to-dos as your third trimester comes to

Your body uses up a lot of energy during labour so you will need to eat and drink small amounts

In some cases, to avoid putting you or your baby at risk, you might need to go through a C-section

You’ve got the baby’s room ready. You’ve picked out probable names. You’ve even attended the childbirth prep classes. Along with

Should you exercise during pregnancy? Unless you have complications, the answer is yes! Exercise can help you stay in shape

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